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Air Duct Cleaning Arizona

Breathe Easier Knowing Your Air is Clean and Safe

Did you know that indoor air has been found to be 70 times more polluted than outdoor air?

The Environmental Protection Agency has documented extensive information about contaminants that build up and breed in air ducts and all the health problems they cause.

Your air ducts are a dark and often damp area that most likely hasn’t been cleaned since your house was built. Much of the air you breathe in your home circulates continuously through this breeding ground of biological contaminants. Your air ductwork will literally force these contaminants into every room of your home. Allergy symptoms can be aggravated and increased by these contaminants.

Today, we have new air filtration and purification products available that will help keep your ducting - and the air you breathe - much cleaner.

Count all of the air vents in your home and call us today to schedule an appointment.

Air Duct Testing Arizona

High utility bills? Especially in the hottest or coldest months, or rooms that are difficult to heat or cool are often signs of duct leakage or poorly insulated ductwork. The U.S. Department of Energy has found that typical duct systems lose 25 to 40 percent of the heating or cooling energy put out by the central furnace, heat pump, or air conditioner.

Our local utility companies estimate that duct leakage alone can cause your home to lose 20 to 33 percent of the air that you pay to heat or cool. In fact, utility companies are now offering rebates to improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system since duct leakage is so important. Ductwork repairs could be the most important energy improvement measure you can make, especially if your ductwork is in the attic.

Our trained professionals use specialized tools to quickly identify and locate any problems your system may have, and provide repairs.

Allergies? We also offer ductwork replacements using Safety Duct™, which is formaldehyde free and made from anti-microbial materials.